Nursery Autumn 1


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Theme for half term-Ourselves

Welcome to St. Pauls CE Primary School Nursery!

Please find below a few reminders, requests and an overview of this half term.



It has been lovely to see Nursery in their new uniforms, please make sure that they have their name in so uniform does get lost, this includes coats as well and wellies if in school. We had a lot of lost property last year.




Please remember that we play out in all weather conditions. We do have a welly rack for any parents who wish to send in wellies for their children to wear. Please ensure all wellies have your child’s name on.


Spare Clothes

During toilet training we do understand that accidents happen. If you think your child is likely to have an accident please send in spare clothes in a bag with their name on for us to change them.




This half-term we are posing the question: What do I know about me? This topic will take us on a journey to find out about ourselves. To begin with we will look at how we are the same and how we are different, we will look at birthdays and how we celebrate them who is in our family and who is special. We will also look at where we live and what we do when we are not in school. It is an opportunity for us to find out as much as possible about each child. Any photos of your child as a baby, celebrating a birthday or with family would be appreciated. The staff will also be bringing in photos. Please put names on the back so we can ensure a safe return.

A breakdown of what we have learnt each day will be written on a diary sheet and displayed in Nursery’s window every day. Please take time to read this.


Keyworker Groups


Your child’s progress will be tracked and their pictures and teacher observations of them will be put on the Key Worker boards. Whilst you are welcomed to look at these things we ask you NOT to remove them or take them home. Staff will put them in each child’s profile which will be available to you to look through at all times and will be shown to you at Parent’s Evening in October.




The Nursery staff this year are:

Mrs Bamford (Nursery Teacher on Mon, Tues, Wed).

Mrs Brandrick (Nursery Teacher on Wed, Thurs, Fri)

Miss Shaw, Mrs Phoenix, Miss Craddock (Full time Nursery Teaching Assistants)





Please remember Nursery remain part time for AT LEAST 2 weeks. The third week will be our ‘Come to share a lunch with your child week’ and hopefully then every child will be ready to start full time the day after their lunch invite.


When children are full time the Nursery times will be as follows:

START 8.50am and FINISH 3.10pm


An additional letter will go out later in the half term with important dates such as Harvest Festival and Parents Evening.


If you need to speak to your child’s teacher the best time to do this is AT THE START OF THE DAY rather than at home time when it is very busy.